Client Testimonials

I was particularly impressed with Sue's professionalism and her extensive knowledge in genealogy. She also had vast experience in the area in which I was interested. I was extremely surprised at the speed at which Sue delivered her findings and produced a very comprehensive report. I feel now that I am able to continue looking for my Ancestor's origins as I have many avenues that I can now explore. From someone who had come to a stop in their searching, I can thoroughly recommend Sue for anyone who needs help with their genealogy 'brick wall'.

Ms V, Lincolnshire

I engaged Sue to further investigate my family background and was most pleased that she provided me with a comprehensive report as well as images of and references to many original documents that have helped fill in details of my families activities. She was very specific about her research objectives based on my requests and executed her work exactly according to this agreed plan. I will likely engage her in follow up work.

Mr B, USA.

Thank you for your hard work, I have not fully digested everything yet but I have to say I am impressed with the detail in your presentation. Not only is it a family tree it is a family history record with interesting facts that one might never know without your expertise. I would happily recommend you to others.

Mr D W, Yorkshire

I was eager to get something down in writing or saved online for future generations and Sue Steel certainly didn't disappoint. Her professionalism and attention to detail made for a very interesting read. Her work was very timely and this became even more poignant to me, with the loss of a family member shortly after her ancestry report was issued. I urge you not to delay with your family history questions as you never know when it may be too late to ask. Thank you Sue for opening up a whole new world but also bringing closure too.

Mrs C, Cheshire

I found your report thorough, comprehensive, reasonably priced, with no unnecessary cost or delay, and your service quick and responsive. It clarified several confusing aspects of my particular family history research. So many thanks and I may call on your service again in the near future.

Mr M, Somerset.

I have no hesitation in recommending Sue for the very professional way she carried out my family research. The report Sue sent me was very thorough, detailed and easy to understand.

Mr S. North Yorkshire

I engaged Sue to research in Bradford. I was looking for a researcher with local knowledge, and someone who was flexible but efficient. I am pleased to say that Sue is all of this. She completed her report in the agreed time and accompanied it with requested images. She used her own initiative and knowledge to ensure that I received all the detailed information I wanted to find.

Ms E J, London

Sue has done an excellent and thorough job for me, continually adding depth. I will be continuing to commission more work!

Sir A W, London

As a young boy I was regularly told a mysterious story about the origins of my great grand mother. The story went that she was the illegitimate daughter of landed gentry in Yorkshire and a Spanish servant – maybe a Spanish Gypsy. This story is regularly retold, though different members of the family have different versions of it.

So I recently decided to get to the bottom of this mystery. I have no experience of family research and not a great deal of time. And so I contacted Sue as she lives in the general area where that side of the family come from.

Sue has systematically worked through what little information I have been able to provide, testing different hypotheses and researching them. Bit by bit we are piecing together a very difficult jigsaw – as Sue says without the front cover to help.

Sue brings a great deal of experience and expertise to the work and is both very professional and friendly in her approach. She knows where to look for different types of information – something I doubt the amateur would ever fully get to grips with. Her reports are clear and interesting to read – and she provides background material with it. She is also genuinely interested in the 'story' behind the family being researched and provides helpful advice and guidance on how to proceed.

I am enjoying the unravelling of this mystery and have no hesitation is recommending Sue to anybody who is thinking of researching their own family. I know for absolute certainty that I would not be able to do this myself – you need a professional.

Mr W, Loughborough

Sue responded quickly to our request for some family history research and produced both comprehensive and readable reports, even going 'the extra mile' by visiting a local site for us and taking pictures! Thank you Sue for your caring and thoughtful approach.

Mr W, Cornwall

I recently employed Sue Steel to search through Mirfield township records which are held at Kirklees Archives in Huddersfield. She did a tremendous job for me by extracting all relevant entries from a variety of old records. She was quick and efficient in producing her report, which was clear and easy to understand. I would certainly use this researcher again – I am a very happy customer!

Mrs J D, Lancashire

I had reached a series of crossroads in researching my family tree and was unsure which was the correct road to follow. Sue managed to untangle the web and followed the tree back several more generations to a point I would not have reached. In doing so a few surprises were unearthed which I am enjoying following up. Sue provided a very friendly and helpful service which I have no hesitation in recommending to anyone.

Mr M W, Keighley, Yorkshire

Sue tackled a difficult research on my family history for me, she is very disciplined, thorough, and vigilant checking the facts. Sue presented excellent reports of her findings and I am very satisfied of the work and services she provided.

Mr W, Canada

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